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4 Ways to Ensure Data Security in Tomorrow's Organisation

Data security in tomorrow’s organisations will be fundamentally different than data security today. If you believe that data security today is a challenge, you will be surprised what it will be tomorrow. As I have said many times over: every organisation will be hacked, and if you are not yet hacked, you are simply not important enough. That counts for today, where human hackers have to be selective who to attack. Tomorrow’s organisations, however, will not only have to deal with human hackers but will increasingly face machines autonomously hacking your organisation. Sounds scary? It should be, and you should take action today to remain safe tomorrow.

Autonomous Artificial Hackers

Artificial intelligence and machine learning offer great applications and tools for organisations and society. However, bad actors can also benefit from AI and machine learning and use that to attack your business. Fighting autonomous artificial hackers with human teams is nearly impossible. Hence, you would need to augment your security team with AI. As a result, we will see machine to machine fights operating at unbelievable speed and agility. If you don’t have your security in order, it will be an easy fight for those autonomous artificial hackers.

To make things worse, your …

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