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5 Data Science Career Trends for 2020

Netflix reached its current level of success, as a popular streaming service and content creator, with its original show, House of Cards. The secret of the successful making of this popular TV show was the extensive data-research that went in. The platform used data science to leverage the huge quantities of data gathered by it to identify key elements – visual elements, actors, subject matter. Incorporating these elements made the show a success among the audience as well as critics.

A Data science professional help business make such decisions. They add value by being at the intersection of business and technology.

As we enter 2020, the world of data science has grown without a doubt. We explore how the fledgling field of data science is evolving in the wake of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Professionals should keep these trends in mind when carving a career in the field.

5 Data Science Career Trends

1. Most organizations are becoming insights-driven

Deloitte’s survey shows the data maturity of businesses has increased. As many as 70% of the organizations now see analytics as crucial to meeting their business needs. The reason is the emerging trends around cloud computing, big data, machine learning, and AI, which are considered …

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