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9 Recommendations to Manage Cloud Migration Complexities

Cloud is the new buzz in the town and is all set to disrupt the industry ecosystem. As per Gartner, by 2022, the market size and growth of the cloud services industry will be nearly three times the growth of overall IT services. As per Forrester, the public cloud market, including cloud applications (SaaS), development and data platforms (PaaS), and infrastructure (IaaS) services combined, will grow to $299.4 billion in 2020.

Is your organization still in a state of flux on how to leverage this trend?  Or, are you among the innovators who are inclined to adopt cloud-first strategies and encash the cloud opportunity? For most of the SMBs experiencing the high operational cost of IT infrastructure and compromised app performance, migration to the cloud environment seems like a lucrative option. With the multitude of benefits such as the pay-as-you-go purchase model, enhanced collaboration with globally distributed teams, robust database backup, seamless implementation of the disaster recovery system, and faster application implementation—cloud migration is the right mainstream strategy for any evolving business.

But for a cloud newbie, considering to migrate their first workload to the cloud, a little consideration into prerequisites and caution in implementation will ensure that they can maximize cloud …

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