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AI and the Next Generation of Energy Workers: A Perfect Match

In the energy industry, AI will function as a “supercharged insights advisor,” enabling the transfer of knowledge and supporting better decision-making for all users. Automating work through digital transformation will allow engineers to focus on more strategic and value-adding analyses. Predictive analytics will enable plant personnel to make unplanned shutdowns a thing of the past, thereby improving safety, sustainability and productivity. The “smart enterprise” of tomorrow will be highly automated, but it will also demand the human capabilities required to adopt and sustain these new technologies.

Energy companies around the world are facing pressures from every angle as they strive to deliver greater value while also responding to the needs of an evolving global economy. One issue that is bearing down on them fast is a looming loss of experience, as the industry’s older workers continue to retire and take their decades of accumulated knowledge with them.

In just a few years, the vast majority of the workforce will be Millennials, and this group won’t have the luxury of years to gain the technical expertise of their predecessors. Leading organizations are already preparing to support these workers, who will likely be the key to accelerating the success of their digital transformations.

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