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AI is the Key to Unlocking Massive Business Growth in 2020

Artificial intelligence is making a major impact on the future of business. In order to understand the benefits of AI in the world of business, it can be good to look at the historical context of AI technology.

Business Owners Set Aside Skepticism of AI

When the movie “Space Odyssey 2001” was released in 1968, the world got a glimpse of what Artificial Intelligence might look like 30 something years later. Hal, the computer, drove fears about how machines could eventually be the downfall of mankind.

Here in 2019, the world has been living for years among machines that have the ability to learn and think. The challenge for mankind has been to move people beyond their fears that were invoked by Hal. It’s the only way the ordinary Joe is going to be able to embrace Artificial Intelligence (AI) integration into everyday life.

It was difficult for many business owners to consider the benefits of AI when they only had science fiction movies to use as a basis for their opinion. It is easy to understand why many of them used to overlook its promising opportunities. However, that is changing dramatically in the 21st Century.

In fact, AI like CPQ is proving to be far …

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