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AI Leads to VR Advances that Drive Liverpool Economy

Artificial intelligence has played a very important role in many industries. One of the biggest changes AI has created is the rapid evolution of the virtual reality industry. Liverpool is one of the cities that has invested heavily in VR technology, which wouldn’t have been possible without new developments in AI.

AI Creates a Thriving Virtual Reality Industry in Liverpool

AI experts have talked in great detail about the link between AI and virtual reality. Becoming Human wrote a great article on the impending popularity of immersive virtual reality and its link with AI.

Many companies are investing in immersive virtual reality, but new cities are starting to look towards it as well. As the UK government continues to support the regeneration of the north, Liverpool has quickly become one of the most promising, exciting and lucrative areas in the country going forward.

As the city constantly develops, with regeneration projects all around the area, technology allows us to get a glance through the looking glass into what the city will look like when these projects are completed. Not only are businesses engrossed in cities such as Liverpool benefitting from this technology, but there are also a ton of uses for the tech with …

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