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Are You Overinvesting in New Employees?

I know that headline sounds totally off base at first glance, but if you stick with this post and read the context behind it, you’ll see that it isn’t a silly question. In fact, this blog was spurred by a discussion between several analytics and data science executives that I sat in on a short time ago.

The issue raised in this blog certainly applies more broadly than the world of analytics and data science. However, due to the rapid evolution, ongoing supply/demand imbalance, and personality types within our field, it is probably a bigger issue for us than for many disciplines.

Shrinking Tenures Are The Norm (Duh!)

It used to be that people would apply for a job with the intention of staying for an extended period of time if hired. Companies similarly planned for a substantive tenure if an offer was made. Of course, that hasn’t been the expectation on either end of the process for quite some time. In fact, people seem to be voluntarily switching jobs more often than ever while companies seem more willing to lay people off than ever.

While we all understand this trend, many corporate policies are still holdovers from the old, lengthy tenure days and …

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