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Essential Data Science Job Skills Every Data Scientist Should Know

What are Data Scientists?

How do you distinguish a genuine data scientist from a dressed-up business analyst, BI, or other related roles? 

Truth be told, the industry does not have a standard definition of a data scientist. You’ve probably heard jokes like “a data scientist is a data analyst living in Silicon Valley”. Just for fun, take a look at the cartoon below

Finding an “effective” data scientist is difficult. Finding people in the role of a data scientist can be equally difficult. Note the use of “effective” here. I use this word to highlight the fact that there could be people who might possess some of these data science skills yet may not be the best fit in a data science role. The irony is that even the people looking to hire data scientists might not fully understand data science. There are still some job advertisements in the market that describe a traditional data analyst and business analyst roles while labeling it a “Data Scientist” position.

Instead of giving a list of data science skills with bullet points, I will highlight the difference between some of the data-related roles. 

Consider the following scenario:

Shop-Mart and Bulk-Mart are two competitors in the retail setting. Someone high …

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