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Here's How Big Data and AI Changed Business Intelligence Forever

Once conducting business and making profitable business decisions was an easy task. However, with age the scenarios have changed and the stakes are high today. Which means that making the right business decisions are not only crucial for success but also a lot harder than before. In this complex scenario, the only thing that seems to help the businesses is Business Intelligence. It is a combined set of software and services that help business organizations to analyze and process the huge amount of data collected from various sources. Once the data is processed, the business organizations can analyze it and gain insight. This detailed insight becomes the ultimate ticket to business success.Over the years BI has also changed and bears the effect of various technological trends. Perhaps the most crucial of these effects are the ones made by AI and Big Data. So what are these effects really? Let’s see how AI and Big Data has changed Business Intelligence. AI Has Changed BI: But For Better Or For Worse?AI has become one of the key drivers that are driving everyday business decisions made by the top guns in the industry. The sophisticated algorithms of modern-day AI is helping the businessmen …

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