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How Artificial Intelligence Is Impacting the Healthcare Industry

The influx of disruptive technologies in many industries has brought massive transformation. The healthcare industry is no different when it comes to technological intervention taking over its functioning. Particularly emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), automation, machine learning, etc., have significantly impacted the healthcare sector. Even stats are indicative of the growing adaptation of AI into clinical operations. For instance, as per a recent report, it is expected that by 2020, the average spend on artificial intelligence projects is going to be $54 million.

The application of digital automation and artificial intelligence is noticeable throughout the healthcare field. From record management to providing virtual care, automation of repetitive tasks, digital consultation and accurate diagnosis, the implementation of AI is widespread.

So, what are the areas where AI application is already making a huge impact? Here is a list of the ten ways in which AI is changing the healthcare industry for a better present and advanced tomorrow.

Enabling Next-Gen Radiology Tools 
Streamline the Use of EHR Systems
Precise Analysis of Pathology Reports with AI
Perform Diagnostic Duties to Meet Growing Demand of Trained Professionals
Adding Intelligence to Smart Machines and Devices
Extracting Actionable Insights from Wearable Devices and Apps
Powering Predictive Analytics to Treat Complex Diseases
Turning Selfies into Diagnostic …

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