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How Cloud and Artificial Intelligence Help Modernize ERP

Digital transformation is around every corner in this world. Every company and user is following it to stay ahead among the competitors, get new opportunities, get introduced to the new markets and visualize how they do business. For visualization, businesses require re-imagination of processes that connect the people, data, and systems distributed to the entire company and connected to each customer or user. Regardless of which technology is used by modern artificial intelligence businesses, their processes and the systems are still complex to use and not that much smart to make every business function with ease to transform the way of working of the people.

For achieving this, Microsoft brought Dynamics 365. The unification of CRM and ERP systems allows businesses to start small, transform certain functions and make growth.

Introduction of D365 AI solutions

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is already infused with AI technology. The solutions are intended for handling valuable complex scenarios end to end. Experts use cutting edge AI technologies for available enterprise scenarios and customize the present processes, data, and systems. The first and foremost solution is focused on customer service. This includes an intelligent assistant for customer service staff, intelligent virtual agents for customer care, and conversation management tools- three …

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