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How IoT and Machine Learning Can Make Our Roads Safer

The transportation industry is ripe for some major technological transformations, especially motorcycle accidents on the rise. The transportation industry comes along with injuries, high maintenance costs, loss of lives, and disaster. Up to 4.4million people were injured, and 38,300 lost their lives on U.S roads alone in 2015 according to the National Safety Council.

Generally, hundreds of thousands of people across the world were killed as a result of road accidents, car accidents, and especially motorcycle accidents every year. These accidents bring outrageous costs including property damage, medical expenses, wage, and productivity losses. Costs estimated at $152billion every year. This estimated cost does not even include repairs for damaged roads and highway systems or general maintenance. And even with all the money being spent every year, it is still underfunded.

However, the situation is most likely to get better in the hands of technology, specifically the Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine Learning, the two cutting edge technologies that will undoubtedly become a very important part of every aspect of our lives in the years to come. With a touch of IoT technologies in our transportation industry, we can be able to achieve cost reduction, prevent damage, and mitigate risks. The implementation …

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