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How Is Cloud Computing Impacting Our Lives?

The cloud. It’s a nearly ubiquitous term when we talk about technology in our lives today and is a part of just about everything we do. Yet for many people, there remains lingering confusion about exactly what the cloud is, and how it impacts their lives. So let’s take a look at some of the ways cloud computing is used in our lives every day.

Social media

With Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Tinder, there’s a social media platform for everyone. It’s because of this that more than 15 million Australians are participating in one social network or another. They help us to stay in contact with family and friends, follow news and current events, shop and even help us find love. All of these social networks are cloud-based services and store user information in the cloud.


If you watch Netflix or YouTube, use Spotify to stream your music, or play games online, you’re using the cloud.


Controversy over the government’s approach to digital health records aside, the cloud is increasingly important to our health. Having online databases of patient records through the cloud allows doctors across the country to quickly access all the information they need to help someone, regardless of whether …

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