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How Machine Learning Is Bridging the Gap Between Brands and their Customers?

Ever since technology started blooming in the world, we’ve seen disruptions almost everywhere. Be it healthcare, education, food or business, you can easily spot technology manifest in various forms in different sectors.

This process has accelerated even more with automation and machine learning taking over the world. Even though all we’ve learnt from sci-fi movies is the breakthrough of technology that leads to doomsday, we’re far from there.

We’re still living in the age where a large number of applications of technologies like machine learning go unseen. One such area is marketing.

For those who are utilizing it, know that machine learning can be the difference between driving results and losing customers. Research indicates that 74 percent of the organizations believe that their goals can be better achieved with investment in machine learning. With data becoming more and more accessible, marketers are realizing the potential of machine learning for bridging the gap between brands and their customers.

Customer profiles now go beyond names and demographics. Marketers in today’s generation have access to customer personas. They have all the information right from device preferences of the customers to social posts, browsing and content history, interests among other things.

However, having all this data makes it much …

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