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How To Define User Sessions With SQL

Creating an optimal user experience is often the driving motivation of many developers and coders; after all, if our products and services aren’t helping people enjoy their online services as efficiently as possible, what’s the point of creating them? As many developers and coders are coming to realize, however, defining a user session to leave a positive impact on those who use your services is harder than it looks, and often comes with a myriad of obstacles. Here’s how you can define user sessions with SQL successfully, and the key tips you’ll need to keep in mind as you do it to avoid failure. Understanding user sessionsBefore we begin exploring the specifics, it’s helpful to define our terms to come to a proper understanding of what we’re trying to do. For our purposes, let’s define a user session as those uninterrupted, bunched interactions users execute when using your application for a certain period of time. If the user in question downloaded some documents from the cloud, or spent a particularly long period of time on a certain webpage, we’ll be interested in that information as part of their broader user session. Defining use sessions starts off with determining how long …

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