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How to Use AI to Detect Soft Skills

The new world we live in gives us more help — and more doubts. Machines stand behind everything — and the scope of this everything is only growing. To what extent can we trust such machines? We are used to relying on them in market trends, traffic management, maybe even in healthcare. Machines are now analysts, medical assistants, secretaries and teachers. Are they reliable enough to work as HRs? Psychologists? What can they tell about us?

Let’s see how text analysis can analyze your soft skills and tell a potential employer whether you can join the team smoothly.

Project Description

In this project, we used text analysis techniques to analyze the soft skills of young men (aged 15–24) looking for career opportunities.

What we had in mind was to perform a number of tests, or to choose the most effective one, to determine ground truth values. The tests we were experimenting with included:

Mind Tools test — short and simple, but may be difficult for centennials. Test’s output is score (from 1 to 15) for each of the following soft skills categories: Personal Mastery, Time Management, Communication Skills, Problem Solving and Decision Making, Leadership and Management.
TAT test — the input is a story about a picture, and the system automatically rates it in the …

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