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How Using Data Leads to More Effective Email Marketing

Email is one of the most effective channels for businesses to reach target audiences. But any email campaign must be well-planned, researched, and built on customer insights. Any business that gets this right can generate transformative results, with an average ROI of $38 for every dollar invested. And around 80 percent of brands consider email campaigning a major driver of customer acquisition and retention.The best way to target customers with relevant, engaging emails is to build campaigns around data. Here’s how to get started. Choose Your Metrics WiselyAdopting a data-driven strategy for email campaigning enables businesses to measure performance over time. This reveals where emails are doing the job they’re designed for and where improvements could help achieve better results. Almost 90 percent of businesses view data as their most underutilized asset, but the process of analyzing data can be daunting. A huge amount of data is generated across months and years, and businesses have to decide which metrics they’re going to focus on to gain the most valuable audience insights. Businesses can learn about emails’ effectiveness, engagement, and success by tracking the following metrics: Open rates: This metric shows the number of times an email is opened.Unsubscribe rates: Discover …

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