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Importance of Data In Assembly Lines Modernization

Henry Ford was not the first to use an assembly line process for manufacturing, he was one of the most innovative. He reached higher efficiency on his production floor than his competitors and did it all without the analytics we have today. While not all of his techniques are proving to be as useful in office settings as they are in the factory, other industries can learn a lot from Ford’s methods.

One of the most useful things to take in is to focus on doing things in a way that helps achieve peak productivity rather than the way it has always been done.

The reason we still work an eight-hour workday, five days a week is because that was the optimal production schedule Ford discovered 100 years ago. Today, however, many businesses are taking a page out of Ford’s book by exploring a shorter workweek and flexible schedules.

What worked best in a factory almost a century ago may not help the modern workforce achieve the greatest results. Whether in the office or on the factory floor, the key to optimizing efficiency is data. Without data, we wouldn’t know for sure what are the bottlenecks, where the productivity decreases, and what are …

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