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Using Predictive Analytics to Ensure Safety in the Manufacturing Environment

Although the manufacturing process continues to improve, there is still concern among plant owners about quality control, peak production, and ensuring that factories are functioning at the best possible efficiency.

However, if not properly managed, the pressure of maintaining fast-paced production while optimizing costs can easily lead to safety problems. All it takes is a number of overlooked hazards coming together to cause an incident that results in injuries.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that this industry records more than 300 work-related fatalities every year. And out of about 12 million people employed in the industry, nearly 400,000 suffer a non-fatal injury annually.

But what if there was a reliable tool for tracking the prevailing conditions on the plant floor with the aim of predicting the possibility of injury? Well, that’s possible with IoT and predictive analytics. They allow us to improve manufacturing quality and anticipate a slew of different needs throughout the factory.

By forecasting what might happen in the future, predictive analytics offers users a remarkably reliable resource for planning organization-wide safety.

Below, is a look at few ways by which manufacturers can use predictive analytics for safety.

1) Analyze past data to predict injury-related trends

Predictive analytics are now being used to …

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