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What Data Analysts Expect after Tableau $15.7B Acquisition by Salesforce

There is lots of evidence showing the importance of data management and visualization for businesses growth and competitiveness in the modern data-driven world. In June 2019, such importance was shown very clearly even for those who are very far from data science by two multi-billion acquisitions of leaders in the business intelligence industry- Looker (bought by Google on June 6 for $2.6B) and Tableau (bought by Salesforce on June 10, just a weekend after, for astonishing $15.7B).

The second acquisition is especially remarkable not only because of its huge 11-digit amount, which is the biggest in Salesforce history – more than double the $6.5B Salesforce paid for MuleSoft last year. It is also about 5 times more than what Google just paid for Looker, but also because of its huge 42% premium over Tableau’s market value of $10.8 billion as of the previous stock market close.

Salesforce is a leading cloud-based CRM platform and a suite of enterprise applications for customer service, marketing automation, analytics, and application development. Tableau is a popular data analysis and visualization tool with a low-code interface to easily generate a wide range of attractive visualizations and interactive dashboards – it is simplifying raw data into easily understandable …

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