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What Kind of Sensitive Data You Can Unwillingly Transfer to the Internet

An IP address is the most common identifier on the Internet. Its value may vary in different situations, but as a rule, there is a popular approach to frighten young and inexperienced members of numerous “Anonymous” groups through claims about disclosing their IP addresses. Such options as proxy servers, VPN, Tor, I2P can help hide your IP address. Each tool has its pros and cons. Even if you are already using the above hiding methods, though, bad things can happen and your data can become exposed to interested parties. Let’s see what might happen.



Profiling occurs when most traffic goes to the Internet through one exit node, such as Tor. If this happens for a long time, then it is possible to relate this activity to a specific user. The exit node may not know your IP address, but it will know what you are doing.

Solution: Do not constantly use the same Tor relays. Regularly change exit nodes (VPN servers, proxy servers), or use the Whonix OSdistribution.

Man-in-the-middle attacks (MITM)

MITM attacks are aimed at listening and modifying traffic on the exit node, such as Tor or any proxy server. An interesting attack scenario can boil down to modifying the digital signatures, GPG or SSL …

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